MathType compatibility with macOS Catalina 

Important notice to keep MathType working on your Mac 

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Some background

On June 2019, Apple officially announced the launch of a new operating system called macOS Catalina, expected for Autumn 2019. 

macOS Catalina will only support 64-bit apps, so any app developed for 32-bit will stop running in your computer.  

This is the case for MathType 7.x and any previous version.  

What are we doing? What do we recommend? 

MathType 8 will be our new 64-bit version, which will include many new features. This new version will work smoothly on macOS Catalina. But we do not have a release date for MathType 8 yet. 

While we await the MathType 8 release, we will make available an interim MathType for Catalina version. It will be compatible with equations created with previous and future versions of MathType, and will work on Microsoft Office and Apple iWork suites.  

MathType for Catalina is a step toward the fully-featured MathType 8. Please bear in mind that some features from previous versions will not be in MathType for Catalina.

If this causes a major drawback in your workflow, we recommend you to keep working on the macOS versions compatible with MathType until we add the features you need to work on Catalina. 

Features checker 

The following features won’t be available at the first release of MathType for Catalina:

  • Customize the toolbar and shortcuts to insert frequently used symbols, expressions and equations.  
  • Use your operating system font types to format equations.  
  • Create and save the preferences and style for new equations.  
  • Export equations to individual graphics formats.  
  • Convert and format multiple equations in Word documents.  
  • Cut and copy MathType equations into different formats to be inserted on different applications.  
  • Write and convert LaTeX directly in Word documents.
  • Most MathType 7 keyboard shortcuts will not work.